Consider the investment big brand names

make in the signs for their business.

There’s a reason: Signs are an important factor in their success.


Seventy-Seven Signs designs and builds custom signs for single location businesses or multi-location businesses across Canada. We’ve completed rebranding projects with over 100 locations, simultaneously rebranding all at one time. But process and quality is as important as quantity. We’re prepared with Project Managers and CSA Certified sign construction - since 1976.


The definitive sign product for store fronts!


Custom shaped and sized to fit. High efficient long life LED lighting. Low maintenance. Front and reverse lighting. Dimensional depth. And a myriad of colour choices.


What else is there to say... Oh, and professionally installed.



Calidon Equipment channel letters on backer
Calidon Equipment channel letters on backer
Calidon Equipment channel letters on backer


The permanent solution.


Commonly known as pylon or monument signs, these signs deliver their message. Finding the right design elements and size is important, they usually stand as long as the building.


This is where we come in. Concepts with custom flare, within budget. We take care of the structural engineering, foundation and permits. It all becomes easy.

Cielo Monument Sign
Cielo Monument Sign
Cielo Monument Sign
Morris T. Chernesky pylon sign


This is the sign to make an impact!


There hasn't been a bigger game changer than this for signs. Dynamic advertising delivered to the customer at your front door. It doesn't get any better.


Electronic signs can be the size of a building wall. But not everyone needs that, even a modest size can have a big impact.




The go-to sign for commercial businesses.  Although, it’s not just another sign. It’s your sign.


Consider the options…  Let’s make it interesting!

LED Module
Image showing polycarbonate sign face
Image showing stencil cut letters
Image showing push-thru letters

LED lighting


Energy efficient, long life, low maintenance and won’t dim in cold weather like fluorescent lights.  High performance lighting with CSA certification.



Poly what? We use impact resistant plastic and 3M translucent graphics in your sign so that the sign face has the longest life and lights optimally at night.

‘Stencil’ letters


Here’s the idea: Use a combination of aluminum and acrylic sheeting to create a unique sign face to create the impression of individually illuminated letters.

‘Push-Thru’ letters


Similar to ‘Stencil’ letters, but now we add a new dimension to your logo. Acrylic letters ‘Push Thru’ the aluminum sign face. Lighting beautifully day and night.

The best part of this is that we can retro-fit your existing sign cabinet with no down time. We simply swap the existing sign face with the new (and improved) sign face.

And you’re back in business!



Image showing channel letters

‘Channel Letters’


This takes Sign Cabinets to a whole new level. Custom fabricated letters with LED lighting installed onto an aluminum sign face. Front illuminated or ‘halo’ lit with LED’s from behind the letters – or both.


Unique style that adds shade and shelter.


Awnings and canopies are a great way to bring definition to your business. These unique signs are all kinds of shapes and sizes.


Often used to enhance store fronts, but can also be used to provide shelter or even overhead store front lighting.  Now featuring LED lighting!



626 Broadway Awning - Long Dome with sign band
Cameco Awning - Tapered Box
Shaw Awning - Dome with sign band
Image of awning types



Traditional with sign band


Long Dome


Convex with sign band

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